3 Good Reasons to Choose #1 Dental Implants Adelaide

Do you have any missing teeth in your mouth right now? Was it due to an injury, gum disease, or just lack of attention on dental care? Are you looking for a way to patch your missing teeth but don’t like dentures? If so, then you should consider dental implants. There may be a few different methods that can fill the void left by your original teeth. However, none are as effective and convenient as the #1 dental implants Adelaide.


Dental implants are currently the number of choice for patching missing teeth due to how they fit and their natural appearance. But apart from the obvious, there are many more benefits that make dental implants an excellent choice to get your smile back to normal. With that said, here are the top three benefits of choosing dental implants:


Safe for the Surrounding Teeth

Some teeth replacement methods can affect the surrounding teeth. For example, teeth bridges require you to “break” the teeth that are right beside the missing teeth for it to be inserted properly. This method proves faulty as these teeth will, later on, develop problems of their own and will eventually be removed. Dental implants, on the other hand, doesn’t require you to compromise your existing real teeth. The method for installation is so simple that it’s like screwing a bolt. From there, an artificial tooth that features a brushed aluminium base is then “implanted” into your jawbone. It then locks the false teeth in place, making it look and feel like real teeth. That’s the reason why many people prefer this method since it doesn’t require compromising your other healthy teeth just to replace one.


More Convenient than Dentures

Dentures are also a popular choice among people dealing with missing teeth. However, it’s an incredibly inconvenient option. For instance, you may find it hard to eat your favourite foods while wearing dentures. They tend to slip and fall out of your mouth. With #1 dental implants Adelaide, you can bite down to any food you want without the worry of your teeth slipping off. Whether it’s a soft pastry or tough meat, you can choose whatever food you want.


Natural-Looking Teeth Replacement Option

Finally, the dental implant also looks natural. They don’t look fake or plastic-y like dentures or other artificial teeth replacement options. So by choosing dental implants, you won’t have to worry about people noticing that you are wearing false teeth. They look so real and natural that people won’t even see that they’re actually not real teeth. That’s what the #1 dental implants Adelaide can give you. So make sure you get one today! Click here to visit our website or call our hotline now for an immediate appointment.

5 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening in Adelaide

We’ve all seen a lot of commercials on TV about teeth whitening products that look super convincing. However, these are nothing more than gimmicks that advertisers do to get people to buy their bogus products. You may have tried some yourself and were disappointed with the results. The truth is that if you want to achieve white teeth, you’ll need professional teeth whitening services from a cosmetic dentist. By visiting your local teeth whitening in Adelaide, you’ll accomplish the whitest version of your teeth that you never thought would be possible. Continue reading to know more about the five benefits of professional teeth whitening services:


Stronger Teeth and Thorough Whitening

The first benefit may seem obvious, especially if you prefer professional cleaning over your regular dental routine with brushing and flossing. A professional teeth whitening sessions at your local cosmetic dental clinic will provide you with better, stronger, and whiter teeth. The results will definitely shock you as you will achieve the best version of your teeth. Additionally, professional teeth whitening will also clean your mouth and make sure it’s free from debris that can cause tooth decay.


Speed and Reliability

If you want the quickest results possible, then you’ll definitely love professional teeth whitening in Adelaide. A teeth whitening procedure carried out by a cosmetic dentist can give you white and bright teeth in under an hour. A lot of other methods will take several hours. If you choose teeth whitening products, it can even take you months before you start seeing results. By looking from that perspective, you can really tell that getting professional teeth whitening is the fastest way to achieve your teeth goals. What’s more, is that it’s also a reliable option since your teeth will be handled by a certified professional.


Customised Treatments

When it comes to professional teeth whitening procedures, there’s no such thing as a single universal method. Each process will depend on your specific needs. The cosmetic dentist will first assess your dental status before coming up with the best solution for your teeth whitening problem. That way, you will feel more comfortable since you know that your specific problem is being treated.


Boost Your Confidence

Obviously, with professional services, you will get the best results. Once you’ve achieved your desired results, it will automatically translate to a boost in your self-esteem. That means with professional teeth whitening; you can achieve the best version of now only your teeth, but also yourself.


Go for teeth whitening in Adelaide today! Call our hotline now or visit our website for more information. You can also check out other dental articles in our blog page.


Signs You Must See a Dentist Right Away

Feeling discomfort with the procedures that your teeth might need to undergo is one of the primary reasons why you, along with many people out there fear to go and visit a dentist. However, even if how much you hate to go to a dentist, there are instances when you no longer have any choice but to seek a dental appointment. Whether you know or not, oral health plays a vital role in your well-being. So, if you keep on refusing to see a dentist Hendon regularly, no doubt, you are not only bringing harm to your mouth but to your entire body as well more than you can imagine.

The list we provide below will help you determine the right time to see a dentist.


The pain you will feel when experiencing a toothache can range from tolerable up to excruciating. Once you feel constant pain, it is necessary that you see a dentist as soon as possible and not next month and of course not next year. You need to realise that tooth inflammation due to a cavity, infection or whatever reasons are ultimately unlikely to heal on its own. So, keep in mind that you should seek out professional help immediately once you experience toothache and don’t wait until the pain becomes unbearable.

Dry Mouth

Undeniably, you are susceptible to infection and tooth decay when your mouth stops producing enough saliva. Take note that saliva neutralises acids and significantly helps in digesting food and influences your sense of taste. So, if you have an insufficient amount of saliva, no doubt you will not enjoy these benefits. Fortunately, a dentist can significantly help you in determining the cause of why your mouth is drying. Not only that but they can also recommend practical solutions to this aching problem.

Irritated Gums

If you tend to see red every time you brush your teeth regularly, it might be either due to aggressive brushing or your gums are already suffering from some issues. Almost 45% of adults over 30 years old here in Australia are experiencing gum disease or also known as periodontitis. So, if you don’t want to belong to the number of people suffering gum irritation, you should go and see a dentist regularly.

Although occasional bleeding is not something to worry about, however, if you consistently experience it, no doubt, there is a more severe issue behind it. Redness, swelling and loose permanent teeth are some of the warning signs of gum disease that you should pay attention to.

Pain in the Jaw

Whether you believe it or not, jaw pain can be caused by a dental problem. No doubt, you are grinding your teeth while sleeping without even knowing if you are suffering from jaw pain. Also, jaw pain can also be possibly caused by a cavity. Bacteria from the cavity can travel to the root of the tooth causing the pain in the jaw and will eventually lead to an abscessed tooth if not given treatment immediately. Thus, make an appointment to see a dentist Hendon that can provide an immediate solution for the pain to subside.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Will Restore Your Confidence

Although all of us want to have a killer smile and snow-white teeth, this not always the case. Accidents, bad oral habits, medication and genetics, can lead to discolouration, improper alignment of teeth, gaps and even chipped teeth. These problems make many individuals shy when laughing or when they have to face peers and co-workers. They affect the self-confidence, and this can be deadly more so to teens. The solution to all these issues is cosmetic dentistry SA. Cosmetic dentistry involves a series of procedures and techniques that correct cosmetic dental flaws to give you that beautiful smile you have always wanted.


Conventional dental treatment procedures are overtaken by time, and today cosmetic dentist makes use of modern dental technologies to offer the best solutions. For example, gone are the days when dentures were the order of the day. Today, dentists prefer the all on four dental implants when it comes to dealing with tooth loss and gaps. These implants are cost-effective, heals very fast, and are very attractive giving one a natural look and feel. Many other cosmetic dentistry SA procedures will help you maintain a beautiful smile, and they include, teeth whitening, teeth and gum shaping, dental fillings, veneers, bonding etc. If you have crooked teeth, you can go for a teeth alignment procedure. Your options are unlimited when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.



As seen above, cosmetic dentistry is a lifesaver. All you need is to identify your problem and then let the cosmetic dentist offer you a solution. However, note that cosmetic dental procedures are not for every dentist. You need to look for the right dentist. For example, not all dental offices and cosmetic dentists can handle your problems. Making the wrong choice will lead to many issues including substandard procedures which are a significant risk to your health, high charges etc. Therefore, you need to be alert when choosing a cosmetic dentistry SA clinic. But how do you ensure that you make no mistakes?


First, you need to identify your problem. Your general dentist can help you with this. Once you know the procedure, you can then focus on finding a cosmetic dentist who specialises in that area. For example, if you need implants, look for a cosmetic dentist with lots of experience in that area. Next, you need to look around for a cosmetic dentistry SA clinic near you. You need not drive miles away to see your cosmetic dentist for checkups as this wastes time and money. Also, check the reputation of the cosmetic dental clinic. If they have a good track record, the chances are that you will have a smooth procedure. Lastly, check the payment plans. Do they accept insurance covers? Can you make partial payments? All these go along way when choosing a cosmetic dentist.

Why You Need the Best Cosmetic Dentist

There is so much you can do to keep your dental health in check. For instance, regular brushing and flossing are crucial to maintaining good dental health. Also, you need to avoid misusing your teeth, for example, opening beers and bottles. All these will ensure that you have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. However, no matter how well you take care of your dental formula, there are things that you cannot prevent. For example, you cannot avoid accidents that may lead to dental problems. Many people have lost their teeth in an accident.

Teeth discolouration another dental problem you cannot avoid to some extent. For instance, if you consume salty water for a long time, your teeth will no longer be white but brown. Therefore, it means that you need to have the best cosmetic dentist Adelaide at hard who can handle such issues effortlessly. A cosmetic dentist will restore all cosmetic dental problems. For example, with discoloured teeth, you will find it hard to smile, and this may interfere with your confidence and self-esteem. In such cases, a cosmetic dentist will help restore your smile through teeth whitening procedures. Also, if you have lost your teeth, have crooked teeth, overgrown gums etc., a cosmetic dentist enables you to deal with these issues. By why look for the best cosmetic dentist? Well, here are two main reasons.

Quality Services

Dentistry is a serious medical branch. Many things can go wrong if you visit the wrong cosmetic dentist. For example, when it comes to shaping teeth and gum, only an expert can do it right without significant complications. Also, a teeth whitening procedure may seem easy, but without the right strategies, the problem will keep on reoccurring. Also, the cosmetic dentist has to ensure that they are using not only quality but also safe whitening products. With the best cosmetic dentist Adelaide, you can be sure of quality services. The best cosmetic dentist has the right training, experience, licenses, insurance and most importantly, a good reputation.

Value for Money

Dental services are not as affordable as other general health treatment. It is more so when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, since you are likely to foot in a huge bill, you need to ensure that you’re visiting the best cosmetic dentist Adelaide. With the dentist, you can be sure to receive quality dental services that are effective and tailor-made to suit your needs. Also, a good dentist will offer you affordable dental services, and in this way, you get value for your money. However, be sure to keep of dentist that charge unbelievable low prices as nothing cheap is good.

Laser Dentist Melbourne – Essendon & Maribyrnong

Imagine a visit to the dentist with no heat, no pressure, no vibration, no injections, no blood, less use of the drill, fewer visits and faster recovery times! Too good to believe? Well, your dream has just come true! Finer Smiles is a Melbourne Laser Dentist with a difference…

Looking for a Laser dentist in Melbourne? At Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry, we provide first class, pain-free dental treatment with state of the art laser technology. We use Laser Dentistry in all forms of dental care including Family Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry. There is simply no comparison with conventional dental treatments. Here’s why we believe Finer Smiles is Melbourne’s leading Laser Dentist:

Patient Comfort
Modern laser dentistry techniques do not generate heat, vibration or pressure and many dental procedures can be performed with fewer injections, less use of the drill and fewer numb lips! In many cases, the use of laser technology for gum procedures also reduces bleeding, post-operative pain, swelling and the need for pain medication. No more fear of the dentist’s chair – just first class dental treatment and a beautiful smile!