Signs You Must See a Dentist Right Away

Feeling discomfort with the procedures that your teeth might need to undergo is one of the primary reasons why you, along with many people out there fear to go and visit a dentist. However, even if how much you hate to go to a dentist, there are instances when you no longer have any choice but to seek a dental appointment. Whether you know or not, oral health plays a vital role in your well-being. So, if you keep on refusing to see a dentist Hendon regularly, no doubt, you are not only bringing harm to your mouth but to your entire body as well more than you can imagine.

The list we provide below will help you determine the right time to see a dentist.


The pain you will feel when experiencing a toothache can range from tolerable up to excruciating. Once you feel constant pain, it is necessary that you see a dentist as soon as possible and not next month and of course not next year. You need to realise that tooth inflammation due to a cavity, infection or whatever reasons are ultimately unlikely to heal on its own. So, keep in mind that you should seek out professional help immediately once you experience toothache and don’t wait until the pain becomes unbearable.

Dry Mouth

Undeniably, you are susceptible to infection and tooth decay when your mouth stops producing enough saliva. Take note that saliva neutralises acids and significantly helps in digesting food and influences your sense of taste. So, if you have an insufficient amount of saliva, no doubt you will not enjoy these benefits. Fortunately, a dentist can significantly help you in determining the cause of why your mouth is drying. Not only that but they can also recommend practical solutions to this aching problem.

Irritated Gums

If you tend to see red every time you brush your teeth regularly, it might be either due to aggressive brushing or your gums are already suffering from some issues. Almost 45% of adults over 30 years old here in Australia are experiencing gum disease or also known as periodontitis. So, if you don’t want to belong to the number of people suffering gum irritation, you should go and see a dentist regularly.

Although occasional bleeding is not something to worry about, however, if you consistently experience it, no doubt, there is a more severe issue behind it. Redness, swelling and loose permanent teeth are some of the warning signs of gum disease that you should pay attention to.

Pain in the Jaw

Whether you believe it or not, jaw pain can be caused by a dental problem. No doubt, you are grinding your teeth while sleeping without even knowing if you are suffering from jaw pain. Also, jaw pain can also be possibly caused by a cavity. Bacteria from the cavity can travel to the root of the tooth causing the pain in the jaw and will eventually lead to an abscessed tooth if not given treatment immediately. Thus, make an appointment to see a dentist Hendon that can provide an immediate solution for the pain to subside.